About Us

November 25, 2002 my husband Christian and I were married.  Eight years later, after struggling with infertility, we decided to start the adoption process.  We were ready to be parents already!

A couple weeks later, before we had a chance to even start our home study, we found out about an adoption situation in my home state of Louisiana, and all of a sudden we went from starting the adoption process to being “paper pregnant”!  We only had a couple months until our baby comes home – we had a due date of April 15th!

While we were waiting, we finished our home study, worked on raising money and getting ready for our little bundle of joy.

We were so excited to hear that our son was born April 23rd, 2011.  He came home to us on April 29th, and we were so thrilled to hold our little guy!

He’s been an absolute blessing in our lives and brings us so much joy :).  Thanks for reading along!

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