Bath time!

Even though he’s clearly getting too big for it, Isaac still gets a bath in the bathroom sink.  He loves his bath time!  We usually save it for his fussy time at night, since it relaxes him so well.  He usually just stares into my eyes while I’m bathing him, completely chilled out :).

My happy boy

I can’t believe how much Isaac is changing every day.  Last week, when I smiled and baby-talked to him, he smiled back at me for the first time :).  It was AWESOME.  Morning is his happy smiley time, and now that he’s also been cooing a lot, I am really enjoying our morning conversations. If…

We got a new camera!

Thanks to our generous family, we were able to upgrade our camera sooner than we had planned.  I can’t wait to snap thousands more photos of this little face: A few more are posted here on Facebook, so check them out!

baby toes

Don’t you wanna just eat those up? No Eddie, you cannot come up on the couch, no matter how sad those puppy dog eyes get. Just checkin’ you out Mama…