1 more day until the auction goes live!

Don’t forget – our auction goes live Friday at midnight and will end at midnight on Sunday.

We’ve had some great items donated for our auction!  Here’s another preview of some of the amazing things you’ll be able to bid on:

Homemade New York Style Cheesecakes
Fresh Maine Seafood delivered to your door
Turkish Coffee Gift Set
Girl’s Pillowcase Dresses
Designer Burp Cloths
Handmade Indian Silk Bedset
Arabic Wall Hanging
Children’s Superhero Capes
Ladies’ Mink Coat
Watercolor Paintings
Custom Portrait
Handmade Jewelry
Art Prints
Six Months of Dessert
Beaded Rosary Bag
Interior Design Consultation
Handcrafted Jewelry Box
Custom-built computer application for your business
Handmade aprons

and MORE!!!

p.s.  I have a ticker on my homepage that is counting down to the baby’s due date and I just realized it’s down to 70 days!!!!!  Holy crap, that’s soon!

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