About to get on a plane

I’m heading out today to meet Chris in Atlanta (he’s been there this past week for a work conference), and then we’re driving down to Tampa to visit his grandmother for a couple days.

We lost power last night during the snowstorm, but luckily it came back on early this morning and I was able to finish the laundry I had started and get showered before I get on a plane today.

Of course, since my husband isn’t home, it was up to me to get the driveway shoveled so our friend Andy could pick me up to bring me to the airport.  I spent a couple hours shoveling tire tracks down our extremely long driveway last night, and another hour this morning to clear off the last couple inches.  We should be good to go now :).

But, before I go, the real reason I’m posting is that we’ve had even MORE great items donated!!

-homemade delicious New York-style cheesecakes

-a Precious Memories Package Photo Session with Milam Photography

-custom portrait of a loved one or favorite pet from Fine Portraiture by Leah Davies

– and even more artwork from Louisiana artists!


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