language explosion & a day at the beach

Isaac has added so many new words lately!  Last week he said boat, bear and plane, and he also added some new signs – wash hands, bike, and leaf.  There are a couple signs he uses often that I can’t figure out.  I need to rewatch his signing time videos to try and place them, lol.  Either that, or he’s just made a couple up.

This week, the language explosion has continued!  I left for the chiropractor on Monday and Isaac waved and said “bye!” for the first time.  And also while I was gone, he decided to say “cheese” while Mimi was feeding him his favorite snack.  He happily obliged Mama and repeated both of his new words for me when I got home :) .  This morning, he said ‘nana (banana), too!   And he’s been saying “go!” lately (that started when we were cheering on runners in the Olympics).  He also FINALLY did the sign for “mama” while saying Mama.  He’s been saying it for a while, but something just clicked I guess and he must have realized that the sign goes with the word.  Oh, and he did the sign for horse and soap, too.

It’s so strange what word or sign comes next!  I really never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.  We “talk” all day long and he chatters non-stop.  He pretty much tries to repeat every word or sound that I make, and sometimes I just make silly sounds to see what he’ll do.  I love it!

One of the cutest moments this week was when leaving the coffee shop the other day, Isaac waved and said “bye” to each person we walked by on our way out.  All with a huge grin on his face of course :) .

It just amazes me to see how fast he is growing.  The last couple mornings, he’s brought me his rubber boots to put on.  He plops them down in my lap, sits himself down on the ground and yells at me until I put them on his feet (he is getting better at signing please instead of yelling, but boy is he impatient!).  It’s adorable to see him tromping around in his boots and pajamas :).

Yesterday Isaac, Mimi and I went to the beach.  Isaac had only been to the beach in cold weather, so this was his first time to get into the water and really be able to play in the sand.  He loved it!  I set him down and he immediately started walking toward the water. I gave him a little pail, shovel and rake and he went nuts.  It was such a blast.

(I also posted these pictures (and more) to Facebook – if we’re not FB friends yet, let me know!)

I was worried he’d freak out in the water, as he gets a little upset if I make him sit or lay down in the bathtub, but he loved every minute.  I had him out up to his chin at one point, laid him on his back and floated him, and held him up by the stomach and let him paddle, and he was really enjoyed himself.  We’re planning on heading back to the beach next Wednesday, and hopefully at least once a week for the rest of the summer.

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