Getting nervous

One more full day until I get on a plane, and the nerves are definitely kicking in.

I’ve sewn 8 flannel receiving blankets (8th one not pictured) –

My bag is packed…mostly.

I have to take the car for an emissions test in the morning, and then I’m just finishing up laundry and double-checking my lists to make sure I don’t forget anything.

The house is not quite as clean as I want it, but I strained my back a few days ago and didn’t mop the floors like I was hoping to.  Swept clean is just going to have to be good enough :).  And Chris will be here messing things up for the next couple weeks anyway, so I’m trying not to worry too much about leaving things spotless.

Countdown to flight: 36 hours!
Countdown to baby’s due date:  9 days!

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