4 days until I’m on a plane!

These weeks have been passing so quickly!  I can’t believe it’s already April!

I finished putting the organizers up in the nursery closet.  We don’t have a dresser, but I don’t think we’ll need one with these handy shelves and buckets.

I’m almost packed – I have all the baby stuff in a suitcase, but haven’t added my clothes yet.  I also have lists of everything else that needs to be packed, but will probably finish that up tomorrow.

Today is house cleaning!  From top to bottom!  It’s so gorgeous out that we’ve got all the windows open and it’s the perfect weather to get everything done.

I still haven’t cooked any meals to freeze like I was planning on, but I did stock the freezer with meats at least.  I just may not have time to do the cooking I wanted to do before I leave.  Oh well.

I just can’t believe how close we are to meeting our baby!  I can’t wait!!!

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