What Mimi wants…

…Mimi gets :).

More pictures, as requested!  I’m getting good at doing this one-handed, as Isaac is preferring to nap only in my arms these days.  The better his daytime naps are, the better his nightimes are, so I’m happy to hold him all day long if it means I get a five hour stretch at night.

Isaac is growing fast – he hit 11 lbs on Saturday, and turned 6 weeks old!  And lucky for all of you, I was finally able to capture my baby boy’s beautiful smile today:

7 thoughts on “What Mimi wants…

  1. It’s so good to get pics! And we “Mimis” can’t get too many pics!! 🙂 So happy to hear he’s doing well!
    Love and kisses!
    “great” Aunt Jeanine

  2. He is absolutely perfect!! He is so happy and i love seeing his stare into mom and dad’s eyes. He is truly loved.

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