Merry Christmas!

Emily left yesterday, Mom left this morning, and I’m sitting here feeling just a little bit sad that our Christmas holiday is over :(.  Okay, maybe a lot sad.  It was so nice to have everyone here!

I wish Isaac could see his grandmother and aunts and uncles more than once or twice a year.  He warmed up to Mimi pretty quickly after his initial show of tears when she got off the plane.  He loved her kisses and cuddles and enjoyed special playtime every day so Mama could get a nap ;).

Isaac was really spoiled by all the attention from Aunt Emily!  They got along fabulously right from the start (must be because some people say we look a lot alike 🙂 ).  She even discovered Isaac’s new favorite activity – bounce walking through the house!  He’s always loved bouncing, but now he insists on being walked through the house while he bounces to his heart’s content.  So funny!

Christmas morning was so much fun with Isaac!  He LOVED opening his presents, ripping the paper and chewing on the bows.  After opening one present, he’d lunge for the next one.  It was hilarious!  He got some really great things from everyone and has lots of toys to play with now :).

We had a magical day, complete with a great meal with our good friends James and Michele and their son Alex.  It was so much fun to have our family around us!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I’m going through withdrawal! It turns out that giant, ear to ear smile that I thought was posed for pictures is his default expression. He’s just a happy little guy unless there is a reason for him not to be. I miss him (and you, Chris, Ben, and Rachel of course) already! Hugs and kisses from Mimi!

  2. It looks like all of you had a great Christmas. I love seeing Isaac’s grin in every picture. He seems like such a happy guy.


  3. awww… I am going through withdrawals too 😦 I wish we were closer so that I could be around more often too. I loved spending Christmas with you guys!

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