Birthday party

Isaac slept in on the day of his party, waking up at 9:15! As I brought him downstairs, he was rubbing sleep out of his eyes, then staring in amazement and wonder at all of the colorful decorations Mom and I had put up the night before. He pointed and ooh’ed and aah’ed with the biggest smile on his face at the giant honeycomb balls.

He was thrilled when everyone gathered ’round and sang “Happy Birthday” and had a huge smile on his face the whole time.  He gave his best effort to blow out his candle, but couldn’t quite get it (Mama had to help out).

blowing out his candle

He had his very first taste of sugar (just a teeny taste, mind you), but his real dessert was his favorite – strawberries – with some tasty ice cream from the farm.


strawberries 'n ice cream

eat it all up!

playing with the ice

look what I found!

Aunt Rachel

After playing, eating lunch, and chowing down on dessert, Uncle Ben brought out the pinata!  The kiddos all got to take a whack at it – several whacks, in fact.

birthday boy takes a shot at the pinata

Uncle Ben holding steady

watching the action

another turn

hanging with Daddy

After all the excitement of the pinata, Isaac took a moment to cuddle with his Mama.

kissing Mama

taking a break

And of course, there was a present to open!

tear it open

lovin' the puppy

Our friends’ daughter took a shine to Isaac, and gave him a couple smooches.  He loved it…and leaned in for more!

first kiss



It was a lovely day.  Isaac really enjoyed himself – he loves being around people and especially enjoyed following the big kids around.  It just amazes me to think that a year ago to the day, I was meeting my son for the very first time.  What a wonderful thing to be celebrating my little guy’s first year!

We are truly blessed.

4 thoughts on “Birthday party

  1. Oh wow… what a wonderful post. I have to say, it’s so hard to miss all of these milestones 😦 but I really do enjoy all of the pictures. What a great party though! All of the decorations are so cute and I love the fact that he got his first kiss on his first birthday! LOL… and what a kiss(s)! I just think it’s so special that your birthday will forever have such a wonderful memory attached to it 🙂 Love you all! em

  2. Sarah, I loved seeing this and looking at all of the pictures. What a beautiful time and he is so precious! I can’t wait to meet him. What a joy to have such a wonderful day filled with friends and good memories…

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