Two more days until the auction!

Don’t forget, our auction starts this Friday at 9 am ET.  If you haven’t seen the little sneak peak I posted yesterday, check it out!

This is definitely starting to feel real.  I bought a plane ticket home a couple days ago, for one week before the baby’s due date.  So, April 8th, I’m flying into New Orleans, and headed to Mom’s house to wait for the baby’s arrival.  Or maybe the baby will be early, and I’ll be flying in right in time!  Who knows?

It’s a one way ticket, since Chris will drive down after the baby’s here and then we’ll all drive back to MD together.  While we wait for baby to arrive, Mom and I have a couple sewing projects to keep us busy.

And speaking of projects – I’m almost finished sanding the crib and getting it ready for some paint.  We’ve chosen a yellow that should really pop against the gray/blue walls of the nursery.

Only 38 days ’til the due date, 31 ’til I get on a plane!  CRAZY!!!

One thought on “Two more days until the auction!

  1. That is just too exciting. I am SO super excited for you guys!
    Prov. 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

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