He’s being released tomorrow!

Our baby boy is being released from the hospital tomorrow!  He’ll be in Baton Rouge by evening, and I’ll hopefully get a quick hug and kiss when they get back (it’ll probably be late), but unfortunately that’s it until Thursday.

Did I mention Thursday was my birthday?

Yep, I get to spend my birthday with my little boy :).  Well, only the hours between 11 and 3, unfortunately, but it’ll have to do.  If the birthmother’s attorney hadn’t gone on vacation, we’d be bringing him home to Lafayette on Thursday, but now we have to wait until Monday.


I’m trying not to concentrate on the negative, but instead embrace the very positive…


4 thoughts on “He’s being released tomorrow!

  1. I’m having to be doubly patient….if I get frustrated at the many delays and bumps in the road, it makes it harder on Sarah. I can’t wait to meet my new grandson!!!!!

  2. Sarah & Family, I am so excited for whatever time you’ll get to spend with your new little man until Monday. My heart goes out to you for the time you have to spend apart but in the end it’ll be worth the wait! You ALL have been so strong throughout this journey and it is amazing. It is also a testament of the amazing family you are and what you will be able to provide for this little guy! Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, and especially Mommy and Daddy: I have no doubt this is going to be one loved and happy guy! I can not wait to see pictures and hear all about his homecoming! Happy Birthday Sarah!

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