Memorial Day

It’s naptime, so I thought I’d hop on and share a couple more pictures :).

Over Memorial Day, Chris did some yardwork, including planting an apple tree given to Isaac by my friend Beth.  While he planted, I swept the deck and Isaac hung out in his swing in the shade.  He loves being outside!

Isaac’s Fuji apple tree

It was so hot out that day (and still is)!  It’s been in the mid- to upper-90’s.  Ugh.  Other than Chris doing some yard work, we took it easy mostly, watching the Red Sox game and grilling up some burgers for dinner.  It was a very pleasant weekend :).

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. So I am such a terrible friend…what size is Isaac in because I have a few outfits that are 3 months but will go trade them in if I’ve procrastinated too long in sending out my little package. I know he’s so new, but he looks like a chunker and I don’t wanna send clothes that you can’t use. Give him a huge hug from me!!! Love ya!

    • He looks bigger in pictures! He’s still wearing newborn size or smaller 0-3 months, but is gaining weight pretty fast now so who knows how much longer. Thanks so much Jo!

  2. You have an Isaac Tree! I love it! We had a Benjamin Tree in the front yard. It was lost to a hurricane years ago, but you won’t have to worry about that. Wish I could hug that little man and kiss those fat cheeks. Hugs, Mimi

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