Aunt Rachel visits

Isaac got to meet his Aunt Rachel this week!  She arrived home from Moscow on Monday night and spent two days with us before heading back home to Louisiana.

The rest of the pictures of the two of them together are on her camera – I’ll have to get them when she comes back from Louisiana next week.


Yesterday was Isaac’s first ride in his new carseat.

He’s been in his car bed this whole time…

6 days old

…but has almost outgrown it.

He enjoys being able to sit up and see himself in the mirror and also look at his toys, now that he can see farther and focus better.  This makes for a much easier car ride for all of us!


Enjoying some time with Daddy


Hangin’ with Mama.  Aunt Rachel was kind enough to hold Isaac for an hour so I could get a hair cut yesterday.  You won’t see blown-dry, straightened hair on me again for a long while :).


Getting ready for his bath – checking himself out in the mirror

I love being naked!

All clean!

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