he’s on the move…sorta

While enjoying some tummy time last week, Isaac surprised me by attempting to roll over!  He tried his darndest, pushing his arm and leg up as hard as he could – it was so cute to hear the noises he makes :).  He’s a very verbal little guy.  While he didn’t manage to roll over, he did manage to spin himself around 180 degrees.

Here’s where he started…

Look at him go!

Here’s where he ended up!

His strength amazes me every day.  He will no longer sit for burping, if you have him on your lap instead of against your shoulder – he has to stand!  It cracks me up…

I’m not in a hurry for him to be rolling over just yet.  I’m still enjoying the little bitty babyness and am not ready for big boy milestones!  I know they’ll be here soon enough.

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