7 months!

Isaac turned 7 months old on Wednesday, and boy has he been growing this last month. He’s a whopping 19 1/2 lbs now!

Just in the last couple of days, he’s starting moving himself from a sitting position to getting on all fours.  He’s suddenly interested in the toys farthest from him on the quilt, and is straining and reaching to get to them.  He even pulls the quilt toward him to reach the toys, smart boy!  Chris is wondering if Isaac is going to be crawling before he rolls over, haha.  I think they’ll happen right around the same time.

He also loves to stand up, and will pull himself up on you if you give him a hand.

Isaac takes playtime pretty seriously!  He’s not happy in a swing or his jumparoo anymore.  He wants to be sitting up or moving around on the floor, knocking over his blocks, or chewing on his toys.

He loves playtime with Daddy, too.

Oh, and he also recently learned how to use a cup with a straw!  He loves it just as much as the sippy cup, and figured out how to drink from it right away.  He’s not really drinking water regularly, but it makes for a fun distraction every now and then.

His other favorite things are my cell phone, any kind of remote, Daddy’s glasses, and of course he still likes pulling hair…hard!  He’s started to make more funny expressions now, too.

Every day, we see him understanding more and more, and growing and learning new things.  It’s so much fun!

3 thoughts on “7 months!

  1. I can’t wait to see him in person. I was looking at his newborn pics the other day and marveling at how much has happened in just a few months. What a blessing Isaac is in all our lives! Lots of hugs and kisses from Mimi!!

  2. We have the same activity table here and Charles is stillplaying with it! Can you believe he will be 1 year in a few weeks.

    Isaac is just adorable, glad you are enjoying him!!

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