Isaac’s first Easter

We had beautiful weather for Easter.  Perfect weather for a family photo!  Out of about a hundred tries, we got ONE where all three of us were looking at the camera.  Whew, it is a lot harder to get Isaac to look at the camera than it used to be.  Forget about smiling, lol.

I guess all you need is one good shot, though :).

We were using the guitar to distract Isaac enough to sit down with us.  It didn’t really work as we planned:

We tried shots in front of the azaleas, but it was too sunny and everyone was squinting…and shots in front of the burning bushes, but Isaac was more interested in grabbing leaves than smiling for the camera.  Sigh…I guess he really is almost a toddler.  *quiet sob*

After the torture of family pictures, we went on a nice walk.  Isaac got to ride in his new toy – an early birthday present from Mama and Dada.  He LOVES his new car!

zoom zoom!

whatcha lookin' at?

gotta taste it

Isaac got his first Easter basket!

We had a lovely meal with the fam – rack of lamb, roasted beets, rainbow carrots with butter and mashed sweet potato.  And homemade gf carrot cake cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting for dessert.  Yum!

It was a lovely day!

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