new toy

Isaac was given loads of new toys from a friend.  One of his favorites is a tummy-time spinner:


He doesn’t last very long on it yet, but he enjoys himself.

He’s getting to a stage where he really enjoys staring at his toys, and has managed to grab the low-hanging ones on his bouncy seat a couple times.  If I set a burp cloth at his feet in the carseat, he’ll have it clenched in both fists, up by his mouth in no time.  He can hang onto a toy if you put it in his hand, which seems to thrill him.

The downside of his new skill is that he’s pulled his own hair on a number of occasions now.  He manages to grab a giant clump of his beautiful curls and yank…hard!  Poor dear…

Hands-down, his favorite thing is still the ceiling fan in our bedroom :).  It’s the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes in the morning, and he usually spends a few minutes glancing from me to the fan with a HUGE smile on his face.

Saturday, Isaac is 10 weeks old!  He’s somewhere over 13 lbs now, and still strong as an ox.

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