fun in the pool

We picked up a little baby pool yesterday.  The temps were hitting the 90’s again, and we thought it might be fun to dip Isaac’s little toes in the water.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t sunny enough outside to warm the water, so we really did just dip his toes for the briefest moment in the water.  He still enjoyed being naked, though :).

Just chillin'

Not so sure about this, Mama!

baby booty!

Eddie just had to get in on the fun


To celebrate the 4th, we had a little bbq.  Chris and Ben cooked up ribs and sausages, and we had tomato and mozzarella salad, cole slaw, sparkling lemonade, watermelon, and homemade chocolate almond fudge.  Yum!  We just relaxed and played with the baby, watched a movie, and enjoyed our day off!

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