Last week, Rachel graduated from her Master’s program at Middlebury College in Vermont.  Chris, Isaac and I, Mom and Uncle Ben all piled in our car for the 8 hour road trip.  It went pretty darn well for a trip with a 3 1/2 month old.  Isaac was happy to sleep and play, and barely fussed at all on the drive.  He’s such a trooper!

We stayed at the beautiful Waybury Inn:

It was absolutely charming!  And the in-hotel restaurants had some fabulous food, which we enjoyed for breakfast and dinner both days.  Fresh, local food…yum!

Taking a walk in the garden on the grounds of the inn

Relaxing on the front porch

On Friday, before Rachel’s graduation, we visited the Bartlett Falls in Bristol.  Down river from the falls were some lovely wading pools where we spent some time, sunning and dipping our feet in the water.

Getting a diaper change from Aunt Rachel

After spending the day in the Great Outdoors, we were ready to see Rachel graduate!  The ceremony was in an old church on the beautiful Middlebury College campus.

Getting her diploma and cane –

So proud of the graduate!

We said goodbye to the beautiful Inn the next morning, packed up the car and headed home.  What a lovely trip it was!

Relaxing on a bear rug 

A covered bridge!

Otter Creek, downtown Middlebury

We had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed seeing idyllic Vermont villages and the Green Mountains, beautiful rivers and lakes, and charming countryside.

Yesterday we said goodbye to Mimi :(.  Isaac already misses his grandmother!

I’m so happy to have Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ben around a while longer!  Isaac really enjoys having family around to love on him.  You can’t have too many hugs and kisses :).

4 thoughts on “Vermont!

  1. This trip looked like so much fun! I’m bummed that I missed seeing Rachel graduate but you guys looked like you had such a blast and I LOVE looking at the pictures :). I love all of the pictures by the water too! Isaac’s smile is the best… it looks like he’s all-out laughing in some of these! Such a happy baby 🙂

  2. What an amazing trip!
    on a totally random and personal note, I noticed you were nursing Isaac in one of the pictures. As someone who wants to adopt some day and is intrigued by the idea, how successful has it been for you? are you using the SNS?

    • Yes, I am nursing! I induced lactation since I had a couple months before Isaac was born to prepare. I use the Lact-Aid, and I produce enough to supplement only 50% of his daily calories. Even if I made very little to no breastmilk, I think it’s worth it to nurse just for the bonding :). He loves it, and it’s such a special time for both of us. It’s one of my favorite parts of motherhood!

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