4 months!

Isaac turned four months old today.  He’s now just over 16 lbs and growing into 6 month clothing, slowly but surely.

I can’t believe we have a four month old in the house!  That always seemed like such a milestone…four months was well on the way to six months, which was practically nine months, which is right around the corner to one year.  Time flies too fast!

Our little man is so fun these days!  He is full of big laughs, and little babbling noises…his voice is so sweet and small :) .  Some of Isaac’s favorite pastimes are:

-Grabbing and pulling our hands into his mouth.  Also, he will grab both sides of my face in his hands, pull my face into his and gnaw/suck on my face/forehead/nose/chin/anywhere he can reach.  It’s hilarious!  He also loves to grab onto my hair and hold TIGHT when I lean down to kiss him.

-Anytime he sits leaning back at a slight angle, he strains to sit up straight.  It usually ends up with him toppling to the side, but he is determined to try and sit up.  He can almost do a tripod sit, but usually folds forward into his lap.

-He absolutely LOVES bath time.  It’s our favorite time of day, hands-down.  He happily kicks and splashes and makes us all laugh.  I wash him in the kitchen so everyone can be a part of the fun :) .

After bathtime is just as much fun.  He loves getting some naked play time :) .

-Hanging out outside.  Whether it’s in his swing, chillin’ on the front porch while I pull weeds, or me holding him and showing him the plants, especially our butterfly bush, he’s enthralled with the Great Outdoors!

-Listening to Daddy play guitar.  I’ve propped him up sitting next to Chris while he plays, and he’ll sit there contentedly for a good 20 minutes at least.  He loves music, especially being sung to!

He’s such a happy baby, all the time.  His default expression is a huge smile, and he loves being tickled and when we make silly faces at him.  At times, he has what Uncle Ben calls a “mischievous smile”, where he smiles at you out of the corner of his eye, tucking his face behind his shoulder.  It’s hilarious!

He’s been rolling over from his stomach to his back for over a month now, but doesn’t seem to want to go the other way just yet.  He’ll get onto his side from his back, but won’t go any further.  He’s pretty easy to contain on a blanket with his activity mat, so I’m not really upset he’s not rolling around yet :) .

He still stands like a champ.  He can do it now, just holding onto our fingers, without any support.  He’s got such strong legs!

He’s got a firm grasp on his toys now, and can pick up items that have dropped into his lap and bring them to his mouth easily.  He’s definitely started teething, as evidenced by how fiercely he bites down on things and how much drool is coming out of his mouth.  Who knows when we’ll actually see teeth though.

He is babbling like crazy now, too.  It’s so much fun to hear him “talking” and the sounds that come out of his little mouth.  He’s the most talkative right when he wakes up in the morning and we are cuddling in bed, and right after his bath at night.  I’d love to get a video of his babbling – might try and work on that this week.

These last 4 months have flown by, and I can’t believe how big our little guy is already.  We love him so much!

One thought on “4 months!

  1. He’s so cute. Seeing the pictures makes me miss him even more! I love the huge smile in the bathtub! That is exactly how I remember his bathtime….all smiles and splashing water everywhere! Hugs and kisses from Mimi!

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