Natural disasters

Isaac had his very first earthquake and hurricane this last week!

The earthquake, while scary, didn’t cause any damage.  Just got us all shook up :).

The hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it got to us, and luckily we didn’t even lose power!  We did, however, lose a few trees.

The first tree took out a section of our back fence.  Chris had gotten out the chainsaw and patched up the fence pretty quickly, before I managed to take a picture. We need that fence to keep the dog in the yard, after all!

Another tree fell up by our sheds, where have our campfires.  It missed the fence by inches…literally.

And the one that caused the most damage fell onto the roof of one of our sheds.  It’s just kinda leaning right now.  If it falls the rest of the way, it will take out the whole side fence, the kids’ playset and another couples trees as well.  Not sure how we’re going to get it all chopped up and safely taken care of ourselves (it’s easily 100 ft tall).  Might have to bring the professionals in for this one…

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