Friday fun

What’s been happening around our house lately?

-We pulled a new (to us, anyway) toy out of the basement for Isaac!  He loves it :).

He also loves the view it gives him of the animals.

He really enjoys it and bounces away about twice a day.  He loves the toys and will stop bouncing, stare intently and play with those for a minute, then  resume jumping like crazy.  Ozzy and Eddie will come from wherever they are in the house to sit and watch him, and usually end up wrestling with each other.  They get so hyped up from the excitement of the bouncing, I guess!  Isaac loves watching them wrestle :).  Not too long now and he’ll be crawling after them, trying to pull their tails (well, Eddie’s only got a nub, so he might be safe).

-Ben and I picked grapes from our grapevines and made grape juice!  Well, it’s more of a grape pudding, it’s so thick – it needs to be strained, but I’m all out of cheesecloth.  Still, it tastes nice and tangy and grapey.

We’re already scheming what our next juicing adventure will be with the new juicer (well, old juicer from Mom, that is).  I think Ben was thinking pineapple should be next…

Aunt Rachel spotted the grapes and her ideas went in a completely different direction:

Isaac found it rather amusing…and was veeery interested in grabbing those grapes off his head.  Don’t worry, Mama was right there making sure none made it in his mouth!

-Aunt Rachel started a new job this week, so she hasn’t been around as much.  When she is, she makes sure to get some quality time with the little man.

I obviously need to get more pictures of Isaac with Uncle Ben!  He takes walks with us, holds Isaac for me when I need to get things done around the house, and loves making the little guy chuckle.  What a great uncle!

-Last, but not least, Isaac and Daddy got some wrestling time last night.

He's got him pinned!

Isaac's signature move

and he goes for the win! Daddy's beat 🙂

So, despite a bit of a sleep regression this week, overall things are going well.  Isaac is sleeping better now, the weather has been nice, and we’re getting excited about the Grand Prix this weekend!

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