Just in time for Christmas…

…Isaac developed a healthy case of stranger danger.  Poor Mimi was rewarded with screams and sobs when she got off the plane on Saturday, and since then he wants to have me within arm’s reach at all times when anyone new is around.  He warmed up to her pretty quickly, though, playing and smiling and laughing with her.  As long as Mama is nearby ;).

We had a visit with ole’ Saint Nick yesterday at the mall for a Christmas photo session.  Isaac was quick to test out Santa’s beard (ouch, it’s real I promise!) as he sat down on his lap.  He kept staring at the camera, then at Santa’s face, then at the camera, then at Santa’s face…then came the tears.  Oh boy, he wanted his Mama!

Luckily, we got a decent shot…but no smile.

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