Communicating with the baby

Isaac is talking!  Well, sort of.

His favorite word of the moment is “tee-tat” (kitty cat).  Also high on the list is “woof” (anytime he sees a dog or hears barking).  And of course he knows “Mama” and “Dada”, but still doesn’t like to call us that much yet.  He said “ball” today,and he tries to repeat quite a few other words.  He babbles away, pointing at things and repeating sounds, and he’s really trying to tell us something.

His signing has taken off lately, too!  He can now do the sign for milk, more, eat, drink, shoes, baby, car, ball, dog and sleep.  Most of those he’s started doing just in the last couple of days.  When he does a sign, he’ll look at you with a huge smile on his face, so proud of himself…and sometimes he’ll even clap :).  This morning, he walked over to the fridge and signed “milk”.

It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to be able to communicate with our little guy.  And so funny to see what is on his mind.

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