big dogs

Isaac is in love with all dogs.  The bigger, the better.  He isn’t afraid in the slightest bit, and will approach any dog he sees with excitement, hoping to hug and pet them.  We have several large dogs in the neighborhood, and he was happy to see them two of them yesterday.  Luckily, all of the neighborhood dogs are great with little kids :).

Isaac also adores the two teenage owners of the above dogs.  We are often out walking when they get off the school bus in the afternoon, and he will go running toward them as soon as he spots them.  Luckily, the two boys think he’s pretty cute and love being on the receiving ends of his hugs and cuddles.

3 thoughts on “big dogs

  1. How sweet is that 🙂 He’s so loving! It’s so cute how he wants to hug every dog he meets… lol. It’s really nice that those boys are so accommodating to him too… so cute.

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