Merry Christmas!

And Happy New Year!

We had a fantastic Christmas, with Emily and Andy coming to visit.  Isaac loved the attention, loved having new people to read to him, and loved the extra cuddles.  It was so much fun having a houseful of family!  Maybe next year Katie, Kyle and the kiddos and Ben can all join us :).

They're finally here!

They’re finally here!

love at first sight

love at first sight

I was so eager to get everything ready for our visitors, that we put up the Christmas tree a couple weeks before I normally do.  Isaac loves the Christmas tree!  He enjoyed helping us decorate it…and undecorate it again.  He loves the lights, and has a favorite ornament, “piggy”:

20121228 201

After a few days of picking up ornaments off the floor, I just decided to leave the bottom of the tree bare this year.  It’s just easier that way.

201224 068

We had a little pre-Christmas weenie roast.  Isaac loves watching us build a fire, then throws sticks in.  He has great aim!  We had such great weather – chilly, but sunny.  Perfect for some time outdoors.

201224 095

201224 096

201224 098

201224 104

There’s nothing like some fresh air to tire a little guy out.  And a big guy, apparently…

201224 107

201224 108

Christmas Eve was a whirlwind of baking, cooking and assembling Isaac’s big gift.  It’s the first year I’ve had toys to put together – such a quintessential parent experience!  The girls all put on a Christmas movie, had a glass of wine, and enjoyed ourselves :).

watching for Santa

watching for Santa

20121228 008

20121228 00920121228 022

20121228 019

20121228 032

Christmas morning was so much fun this year!  Isaac enjoyed passing out presents to everyone, and really loved everything he was given this year.  So many fun things – new books, a wheelbarrow (he kept calling it a boat), play kitchen, tent, train set, stuffed owl and Piglet.

20121228 039

20121228 049

20121228 056

20121228 063

20121228 074

20121228 089

20121228 102

20121228 106

20121228 109

20121228 115

20121228 124

20121228 130

20121228 135

20121228 143

20121228 147

All pooped out from the excitement:

20121228 111

20121228 112

20121228 113

He was too overexcited to nap, so we put on A Charlie Brown Christmas while everyone else rested.

20121228 149

Lovin’ some special Daddy cuddle time:

20121228 155

20121228 159

20121228 161

20121228 164

20121228 169

20121228 175

Yay, everyone’s up!

20121228 179

20121228 188

20121228 198


20121228 212

20121228 227

20121228 234

It was a great day!  We had a great Christmas meal, and Isaac went to bed early…a happy little boy.  The next day we were surprised by some wintry weather:

20121228 236

20121228 239

20121228 240

20121228 242

We had a power outage – some electrical lines went down nearby – and spent most of the afternoon in the increasing darkness, trying to keep the little guy happy.  He is always pretty antsy when we can’t get outside during the day, but he did pretty well.  Thank goodness for aunts and uncles for extra distraction!

20121228 243

20121228 248

20121228 252

20121228 255

We had a couple other fun excursions before Emily and Andy left town.  We visited the children’s museum in Baltimore Thursday, and the National Aquarium (also in Baltimore) on Friday, but unfortunately didn’t get pictures of either outing.  Friday night and Saturday they spent down in D.C. with Rachel, and then they had to leave early on Sunday morning.  We miss them already!

As we still have a few days of Christmastime left, I’ve still got the Christmas carols playing (at least until Chris gets up in the morning).  Isaac definitely has his favorites.  Warming his Mama’s Bing Crosby-loving-heart, his favorite song is White Christmas!  Every time it comes on Pandora, or I sing it to him, he stops and listens and sings along.  He especially loves the Otis Redding version, and screws up his little face and belts out the words he knows at the top of his lungs.  His other favorites are Oh Holy Night, Silent Night, and Hark the Herald Angels Sing.  He finds Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls rather hilarious at times, and other times he refuses to let me sing them at all.  He loves rocking out to Cee-lo’s Christmas album, but refuses to let me dance with him.  “No, no, no Mommy!”.

Last Christmas was a blast with little 8 month old Isaac, and I knew this year would be even more fun.  I can’t even imagine what next year will be like!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!  Hoping to get to see more of you in the coming year.

20121219 083

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