budding imagination

I dug out my old Disney cd’s a couple weeks, and Isaac has fallen in love with the music just like I hoped :).  He listens to music just like his mommy, obsessing over one song and listening to it over and over again until he’s tired of it, then moves on to another one.  His first favorite was the Mickey Mouse Club March.  He still loves singing “Mickey Mouse.  Donald Duck!  Mickey Mouse.  Donald Duck!”.  Next, it was One Jump Ahead (from Aladdin).  Hearing him sing the line “…Still I think he’s rather tasty!” cracked me up every time.  Every once in a while he’ll be humming to himself on his way up to bed and he’ll break out with that bit.  It’s hilarious (and reminds me of Aunt Rachel when she was just a little girl singing those same songs).

His current favorites are You Can Fly! and Following the Leader from Peter Pan.  After he fell in love with You Can Fly!, I thought it was high time he was introduced to the movie itself…and he loved it!  He loves Nana the dog, the little boys, and of course Peter Pan.  What I didn’t realize was how much of an impression Tinker Bell made on him until the other morning, when I heard him calling for someone near the pellet stove.

I just want to die from the cute.  Every day, he calls for Tinkerbell around the stove and boxes (yes, I really need to get those boxes of books put away!).  And every day I find it absolutely the cutest thing ever :).  Today, while eating a popsicle on the deck, we had a whole conversation about how Tinkerbell hides in boxes, while Peter Pan is in the house.  He looks for her in a hole, and finds her.  Haha.  I thought I was recording the whole conversation on the camera, only to find out I had forgotten to press record!  Ah well, I have a feeling it won’t be our last conversation about the fairy and boy who never wanted to grow up.

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