Pumpkins, Halloween, and Isaac’s first trick or treat

We had to plan our pumpkin hunting around Chris’ busy work schedule and my hip pain (this was a couple days before my surgery), so instead of heading to the beautiful pumpkin fields half an hour away, we just hit up our local “patch” one weekday evening.  Isaac couldn’t have cared less, he had so much fun!  He was thrilled with the pumpkins and immediately went on the hunt for a “Daddy one, a Mommy one, and a baby one”.














He loved setting our pumpkins out on the front porch.  I guess carving his first pumpkin is going to have to wait until next year!

Halloween was one week after my surgery, but there was no way I was going to miss my little lion going from door to door with his little pumpkin bucket.  He had it in his head that the neighbors were going to fill it with toys, haha.

20131031 066

20131031 070

20131031 071

First, we headed over to our neighbor’s house for a fun party, complete with hot apple cider, pumpkin bowling and a candy corn relay.

20131031 073

20131031 080

20131031 082

20131031 083

20131031 086

20131031 099

20131031 103

20131031 104

No one minded that he kept switching teams for the relay, haha.  Then all the kids lined up for a “parade” and started heading down the street to trick-or-treat.  This was the first year any kids had trick-or-treated on our small cul-de-sac, and it was so exciting to have such a fun evening for Isaac’s first experience of it.

20131031 108

20131031 110

20131031 112

20131031 117

20131031 121

20131031 123

20131031 125

20131031 130

20131031 131

20131031 132

20131031 134

20131031 135

After each rung doorbell, he’d run back to me excitedly, “I got trick or treat, Mommy!”.  A slight drizzling started right as we got to the last house.  It couldn’t have gone any better.

20131031 137

20131031 138

20131031 139

It was completely worth the hobbling after him for an hour on my crutches.  He’s still talking about  trick-or-treating, and carries his pumpkin bucket around the house filling it with his blocks and fake food.  I can’t wait for next year!  I bet he’ll even have an opinion on his costume by the time another year rolls around.

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