Advent is here!

Isaac was very excited about the Advent wreath that appeared on our table this morning.  He was a little confused about why we weren’t lighting all the candles yet, and then wanted to blow out the purple one we did light over and over, haha.  I kept telling him “It’s not a birthday cake, silly!”.

20131201 065

20131201 066

20131201 067He was excited to see the little peg people Nativity set I found for him.

20131201 064

20131201 063

20131201 073

20131201 072

And then proceeded to tuck the little people into the Advent wreath one by one.

20131201 074

20131201 075

20131201 076

I wish I had gotten a better shot of the little peg people!  (You can find them here.)  After playing for a bit, we decided to go hunting in the garage for some scrap wood to build a little creche.  I told him he could paint it and let him pick out the colors:  red and white.

20131201 080

20131201 079

20131201 078

He was especially excited when we discovered that red+white=pink!

20131201 083

20131201 085

20131201 086

20131201 087

20131201 088

Now, I have to decide whether I want to repaint the pieces a nice, traditional brown while he’s sleeping or let him have his crazy pink creche, haha.

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