Three Years Old

I’m ridiculously late posting this, but better late than never, right?  Isaac turned three April 23rd.

20140418 021

Here’s a little interview with the birthday boy, from back in April:

What’s your favorite color?  Orange (It’s been orange since he was old enough to know his colors, but he loves brown almost as much)
What’s your favorite food?  Tomatoes (Of course he says tomatoes. He’s obsessed with them because he’s allergic, lol.)
No really, what’s your favorite food? Go make me a sandwich Mommy!
*Pause to have a little lesson in manners and then to get up and make him a sandwich. At 9:30 in the morning. Guess that’s what I get for talking to him about food ;).*
What’s your favorite toy? My sword.
What’s your favorite game? The Genevieve game (No clue.  He did meet a lovely baby named Genevieve that he was enamored with recently.)
What’s your favorite song?  Lullaby.  Sing it to me, Mommy!
Who’s your best friend? Awex (Alex)
What’s your favorite movie? Frozen
What’s your favorite show on Netflix? George (Curious George)
What’s your favorite Beatles song? Hey Jude.
What’s your favorite fruit? Watermelon (The one he can’t have because it gives him a rash, of course.)
What’s your favorite vegetable?  Orange.  *laughs* A pretend vegetable!
What’s your favorite drink? Pink juice. (Emergen-C passion fruit flavor)
What’s your favorite animal?  A lion.
What’s your favorite tool?  A big screwdriver. When I get older, I can get one. Maybe next Saturday.
What do you do with a screwdriver?  Hang stuff.
Who do you like to kiss and hug? Elsa. (Yep, from Frozen.)
Who do you want to come to your {birthday} party?  Aunt Rachel and Jason.
What do you want for  your birthday? Chocolate cake!!
Who’s your favorite pet? Ozzy…no, Gabby.
What’s your favorite book?  Little caterpillar. (Very Hungry Caterpillar)
What’s your favorite shirt?  My tractor shirt.
Who loves you?  Daddy loves me the most..

20140418 047

He’s growing fast – 38 1/2″ at his last appointment.  He’s still growing up and not out at the moment, so his weight hasn’t changed much and is holding steady at around 32 lbs for the last year.  He is able to look over the kitchen counter pretty easily now, and can pee into the big potty without a stool!

20140418 131

He loves words and the way new ones sound on his tongue. He loves playing word games and rhyming games. He asked what Mimi was doing and I told him she was sewing his drapes. “Drapes, drapes. Drapes, grapes!” was his reply. Sometimes he’ll pretend to mishear me.  “Isaac, here’s your tea.” and he’ll look at me and smile mischievously, “Teeth?” No, tea. “Tree?”.  Or I’ll tell him “You’ll get better at it, it just takes practice” and he’ll say, “Cactus?”  No, practice. “Practice cactus?” And then I catch on that he’s playing a game and we’ll go back and forth for a little bit, adding in new words that rhyme or just morphing the original word into something silly.  It cracks me up every time! When he hears a word combination that he likes, or a new song lyric, I’ll hear him practicing it over and over again under his breath, getting louder as he gets more comfortable using it. What astounds me is that even though he cracks me up with his adult-sounding phrases, he always uses them properly.

20140418 140 20140418 144 20140418 145 20140418 150

He asked me for a snack just now and I asked him if he wanted carrots. “Yes, I love carrots!”  As I walked into the kitchen to get them, I hear him shout, “What do you mean by carrots???”.  And just a little while ago, he jumped up on me for a giant bear hug.  Right in the middle, he looked up at me in surprise. “Hey, who’s hugging me?!”  Goofball. His jokes are even funnier because he’s really good at not cracking a smile. It just doesn’t seem like a three year old should be able to have that kind of self-control, haha. When he’s done something he’s proud of himself for, you can see a smile trying to burst forth but he works so hard to keep a straight face. It’s so funny to see him clench his jaw and purse his lips, trying to control his emotions.

His favorite activity at the moment is riding his birthday scooter, and he’s getting pretty good at it.  He’s getting better at turning and using the brake. I love watching him zoom by with one foot stretched out behind him in the air like a little figure skater.  It’s hilarious!

He gives equal time to his tricycle, and has figured out the pedals and is slowly getting the hang of steering.  He’ll literally spend hours outside each day, riding and talking to himself or singing.  He came inside just this morning, pushing the door open and singing “They didn’t want me, didn’t want me…”, a verse from one of his favorite tunes “Found a Peanut”. He figured out how to climb the giant retaining wall in our backyard (maybe 10 ft?), and almost gave me a heart attack the other day when I glanced out the window and saw his head pop up over the wall and watched him throw his leg up over it to climb back into the upper yard. He also figured out how to swing by himself!

He loves being “squooshed”.  He’ll squeeze behind you in the recliner or on the couch and get himself into position, then tell you “Squoosh Me!  Squoosh me harder!  Tighter!” He’ll ask Daddy to lay on top of him and squoosh him.  He must enjoy the full-body hug sensation :).

He moved into his “big boy room” recently.  His full bed was taking up too much space in the tiny nursery, and the room was far from toddler proof, with the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. I was tired of him destroying the walk-in-closet or yanking all the books off the shelf on days when he was having trouble napping. I thought he’d have trouble with the transition, so every day at naptime for months I would tell him that pretty soon he’d be moving into his new room. I think he was just excited to have a brown room with a giant window :).  Mimi made him some beautiful drapes, and dust ruffle for his bed, and it’s been an easy switch.

He is still in love with music! He continues to astound me with his ability to recognize a song and identify the artist almost immediately. I was listening to my Adele Pandora station when he was napping the other day. When he woke up, he was sitting at the top of the stairs for a minute when he cocked his head to the side and said, “Hey, that’s ‘dele!” Considering I hadn’t listened to any Adele for MONTHS, I was amazed.  One of his new favorites is James Brown, haha. He knows the Avett Brothers and Johnny Cash very well by now, as well as every classic on my oldies station. And of course, Mumford and Sons and The Beatles are still his all-time favorites. When we drive up the driveway, he usually asks me to let him stay in his carseat until the song is over :). Our new fave station for our “dance party” in the living room is Cajun/Zydeco. When he hears a guitar riff he likes or a part of song that catches his interest, he’ll stop singing and yell “Play it George!”, thanks to Chris, haha (George Harrison, of course). Just like his Mama, he’s always humming something or other under his breath or breaking into song at random moments. Occasionally, when I try to sing along and he’s feeling contrary, he’ll tell me, “No Mommy, let them sing the song!” or “Only boys can sing this song, Mommy.”  Hmmph.

He asked me for the “mango curb” song the other day and I was so confused for the longest time, until we figured out he was referring to “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons. At the end, they sing “For you were made to meet your maker” and somehow that become “mango curb”.  And so when he asked me again for the “Meet your mango curb song, Mommy”, it only took a second to register what the heck he was saying. I sounded it out for him, so know he knows it is “meet your maker” but still sings “Awaaaaaaake My SELF” instead of “my soul”, haha. I hate to correct every wrong word though, because it’s so darn cute.

20140418 208 20140418 217

He told me out of the blue the other day that he wanted to learn his letters.  I’ll see him looking at a book or a sign or anything with words printed on it, and he so very badly wants to know what it says.  He’s been able to identify most letters for a while, but he’s really interested in learning what each one says now. I’m not pushing any formal lessons yet, but we’ve started talking more about what letters say when we read together and I’ve let him watch the letter videos by Hooked on Phonics on YouTube, which are pretty cool.

20140602 045edit

20140602 137edit 20140602 138edit

He’s so darn smart, and quick-witted! He’ll finish my sentences, when I lose track of my thought and start to trail off. He notices things too, like the fact that I turned right on red light (which is particularly impressive since he’s rearfacing still and spotted it in his mirror) and immediately fusses at me, “Mommy, you can’t go! The light is still red!”. And then I find myself explaining traffic laws to him, and he just soaks it all in. He knows his right from left!

He is so much a Daddy’s boy right now.  And I guess this is only the beginning ;).  If he asks me something and I say I don’t know, he’ll tell me, “I bet my Daddy knows!”. If Daddy is around, he wants Daddy to unbuckle him from his car seat, to hold his hand when we cross the street, help him get a snack, put him to bed at night, etc. It doesn’t bother me until he wakes up grumpy in the morning and calls for Daddy, then gets disappointed when I show up, telling me “Go ‘way Mommy. Weave (Leave) the room and tell my Daddy to come get me.” Yeah, that’s not fun to hear first thing in the morning. It is just so sweet to see how much he adores Chris though, and how much he wants to be like his Daddy.

20140418 182 20140418 184 20140418 187 20140418 190


20140602 154

He’s growing and changing so quickly. I know it’s cliche, but I really do wish I could slow things down. I can see the boy he’s becoming in every bear hug and sweet smile, goofy joke or silly song, and I just can’t believe my chunky baby with a squooshy forehead and gorgeously fat thighs is so tall, slim and muscular and so grown up already.

20140602 136 20140602 132edit



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  1. Perfect! This is Isaac. I love how he belts out the choruses to songs, but the video doesn’t capture him singing all the words to the song – and he knows most of them.

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