Rachel and Jason come to visit

Isaac is obsessed with Aunt Rachel’s boyfriend, Jason. When he’s around, he wants Jason and only Jason to help him get a drink, find a toy, etc. We all took a ride to the grocery store to pick up some food to grill, and Jason went off to find something for a moment by himself. As soon as Isaac realized he was gone, he was looking around and asking, “Where’d my Jason go? Where’d my Jason go?” with the saddest little puppy dog eyes. It was love at first sight :).

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Watching Daddy work the grill.

20140602 166 20140602 167 20140602 169


Mmm, corn!

20140602 174 20140602 176


Isaac convinced Jason to come up in his “pirate ship” with him.
20140602 182 20140602 185 20140602 187edit 20140602 190edit 20140602 191edit

Aunt Rachel helping me take a family pic :).20140602 192 20140602 193 20140602 194

Mimi and her Gabby.

20140602 197

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