Visit with Nene

Isaac was so excited to get on a plane to go see Nene! We hadn’t seen Chris’ grandmother since he was 9 months old, so we were looking forward to spending time with her. Isaac loves looking at the pictures of her and him on our living room wall, so he was excited to see his great-grandmother in person for the first time in his young memory.

He got a special new suitcase with light-up wheels, and brought his Clifford along for the trip. He carted his own luggage through the airport all by himself!

20140902_072833 20140902_075900 20140902_080204 20140902_083154 20140902_084621Nene and Isaac hit it right off! He loved telling her stories – mostly about dragons and dinosaurs. He was fascinated by her cool cane, nifty magnifying glass, and the organ that Dede used to play.
20140418 184-19  20140418 184-22 20140418 184-24 20140418 184-27 20140418 184-28 20140418 184-30 20140418 184-33 20140418 184-3420140418 184-35 20140418 184-36 20140418 184-37 20140418 184-38Every hour or so, we’d head outside to burn some energy off so Isaac didn’t destroy the house or tire Nene out ;). He enjoyed all of the palm trees, hunting for lizards, and throwing acorns into the lake on the golf course.

20140903_175335 20140903_175408 20140903_175423 20140903_181403 20140903_181540 20140903_181545 20140903_18154620140903_181352Where’d Isaac go?

20140903_18244320140903_182624We had such a great time! We left Tampa and got on another plane to Pensacola for Aunt Emily’s wedding. More pics in another post!

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