Isaac, at 6


(I told him I was going to ask him a bunch of questions now that he’s six, and he said, “Oh, like what is my worst fear?” Haha.)
What is your worst fear? Spiders and stuff.
What is your favorite color? Orange (nothing’s changed there!)
What is your favorite toy? This guy (He’s holding and petting Storm while we chat.)
What is your favorite food? Candy
What is your favorite dessert? I don’t have desert often, so I don’t know. Oh wait, I know! Those crunchy sweet things that are covered in sugar and you dip in chocolate and caramel. (Churros?) Yeah, Churros.
What is your favorite thing to play? Okay so, my favorite thing to play is magnatiles and stuff.
What is your favorite movie? Storm Isaac (He and Daddy made this one with the GoPro.)
What is your favorite TV show? Pokemon
What is  your favorite thing to do outside? Yell at the neighbors. (LOL)
What is your favorite book? The one I wrote myself.
What do you like to wear? Things that are orange and Spiderman stuff.
What was your favorite thing about being five? Just being five.
What are you looking forward now that you are six? Just being six. Because I’m older and now I can be in first grade.
What kinds of things do you like to do with Mommy? Playing with you, building with you…everything.
What kinds of things do you like to do with Daddy? Build magnatiles, have fun with him, and keep him company.
What is your favorite song? Rockabye Kittens. Just kidding. Crazy Train
Who is your favorite singer? Ozzy Warner (He means Osbourne)
What’s your favorite game? Hoot Hoot Owl
What’s your favorite vegetable? Carrots
What’s your favorite drink? Orange Soda (Jarritos at the Mexican restaurant)
What’s your favorite animal? Leopards. No, tigers.
Who do you like to kiss and hug? Daddy and Mommy and Storm Scott and Lucy Scott.
Who loves you most? Jesus and Mary. That’s who loves you and me the most.

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