exploring the world around him

Our little man is becoming so much more engaged in the world around him these days.  It’s so much fun to see him interact with the pets, show interest in new things around the house and outside, and hear him vocalize more.

Ozzy is surprisingly patient with the baby.  He hasn’t hissed or shown any anxiety at having little hands wave around near his face.  He will even rush to his side if Isaac starts crying.  Who knows, maybe they’ll be friends?

He’s also starting to laugh more and more – and not just when tickled :).  The easiest way to get him to laugh is bring him near the dog.  He can’t get enough Eddie, but Eddie so far isn’t remotely about to let him get close.  He shies away as quickly as he can.  Unless the baby is on the floor and diaperless, then we can’t get Eddie to stop sniffing his bottom :).

One of Isaac’s favorite things to do is listen to Chris play guitar in the evening.  Sitting in my lap or propped in the chair next to Daddy, he could watch him strum for half an hour easily (that’s an eternity for a baby!).

He also loves “tasting” the guitar.

In fact, tasting is Isaac’s favorite activity right now.  If it comes within a foot or two of him, he’s going want to put it in his mouth.  He’s reaching out and grabbing everything – clothing, hair, body parts…anything really!

I love my little chunky man!

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