Results of the auction, and announcing the winners!

The auction was an overwhelming success!

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to raise over $3,000 towards our adoption fund!!!!  We are absolutely blown away!  I had no idea how this would go, and it definitely exceeded our expectations.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for the support you have provided Chris and I.  Thank you for being willing to support us financially, and thank you for spreading the word about our auction.  Thank you to everyone who donated items, everyone who participated in the bidding, and those who made monetary donations.

This adoption has definitely been a humbling experience for us.  We are definitely learning that we can’t do this alone.  There is no way we could go through all of this without the support of our friends and family

And thank you for supporting us with your prayers and your good thoughts.  We love you all for asking us about the process and being as excited as we are about this adoption :).

We are very blessed!


Alright, now to our winners.  If you had the winning bid, you should expect to see an email from me soon with instructions on where to send payment, etc.

Poppy Field Art Print – Donna Bishop
Sitting Nude Art Print – Dervla Kelly
Brown Beaded Bag – Diane Gotte
Chi Exerciser – Esperanza
Custom Mother-Daughter Apron – Heidi
Maine Seafood Package – Julie Fox
Leather Necklace with Freshwater Pearls – Rose Purkey
Old Chinese Pottery Shard with Iolite Gemstones Necklace – Amy G
Pillowcase Dress, Size 2 – Jenna Rowe
Pillowcase Dress, Size 3 – Dayspring
Hippy Momma Apron – Alice Criswell
Fuschia Fancy Burp Cloth Set – Beth
First Sign of Spring Ring – Beth
First Sign of Spring Necklace – Aunt Jeanine B.
Copper Blister Pearl Necklace – Julie Fox
Old Chinese Pottery Shard with Coral Spinel Necklace – Nichole Miller
Cool Grey Flower Necklace – Julie Fox
Christmas Swing-skirt Half Apron – Jenna Rowe
Cherry Blossom Watercolor Print – Jennifer Breaux
Bye Bye Birdie Child’s Apron – Elizabeth Suse
Bubble Time Burp Cloth Set – James Gilbert
Map Prints, Set of 3 – Sarah R.
Blue Swarovski Crystal Bracelet – Beth
Pink Necklace with Swarovski Crystal – JoAnna
Custom Portrait Gift Certificate – Elizabeth
Handmade Indian Silk Bed Set – Claire Mok
Handcrafted Jewelry Box – Aunt Julie M.
Arabic Wall Hanging – Elizabeth Suse
Turkish Coffee Gift Set – Rose Purkey
Week’s Worth of Hair Accessories – Sarah Landry
Superhero Cape – James Gilbert
Precious Memories Photo Package – Sarah Landry
India Blue Burp Cloth Set – Aunt Julie M.
J’aime Paris Burp Cloth Set – Jellybelly
Fleece-tie Blanket (two winners) – Jenny & CJ Corley
Cheesecakes – Debra Grover, Stacey Foretich, Clemy Lawson, Claire Mok, Diane Gotte, Jennifer Breaux

Thank you again everyone :).

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