Homestudy is almost done!

All of the paperwork on our end is done, we’ve had our 3 meetings with our social worker (SW), and finally finished our health and fire inspections!

Our SW is awesome – she said “Don’t hold me to this, but I’ll probably be finished writing your homestudy within the week.  Don’t worry though, if birthmom went into labor right now, you’d be able to bring your baby home.”

Can you believe it?!  That’s the fastest homestudy ever!  It normally takes 4-6 months, but we scrambled to get it done in just over a month.  By the time our SW finishes writing it, we review it, and then it goes before the board for approval, the whole thing will have taken 2 months from start to finish.

Not too shabby :).

Of course, we don’t want baby to come early, but it’s nice to know we don’t have to worry about the paperwork side of things anymore.

More good news – we just found out that our tax refund is going to be much higher than we had anticipated!!!  That, combined with the money raised during our auction and all of the generous monetary donations from friends and family, leaves us with only about $6 or $7k left to raise.

That is a very doable number!

We’re already planning another auction March 10 – 14 (that is a Thursday through a Monday), so mark your calendars!

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