A little bit of this…a little bit of that…

Someone shaved yesterday :).  Chris went to trim his beard before we headed out to get him a haircut, and accidentally ended up shaving it all off by putting it on the wrong setting.


So, he went from this:

To this:

He was messing with me and would only
smile after I took the picture.  Goofball.

I felt like I hadn’t seen that handsome face in months!  I didn’t mind the beard, but I didn’t realize how different his face looks with it.

But anyway, on to baby talk :).

This weekend, we went to Baby’s R Us for the very first time.  It was awesome.  We played with strollers and swings, looked at crib sets and bathtubs, teething toys and clothes.  It was all a little overwhelming, but exciting at the same time.

It’s starting to feel REAL that we’re actually bringing a little baby home in 60 days (or less!!).  The due date is April 15th, but baby could come early!  We’re starting to think about logistics – driving/flying, how long we’ll be in town, etc.  Chris has final exams for school right around that time and doesn’t have much vacation time, so he probably won’t be able to be there for the whole time.

It’s hard to make plans when we have no idea how things will go.  Right now, things will look kind of like this:

Baby is born, is released from the hospital after 48 hours, then goes to the nanny’s house in Baton Rouge – she’s the mandatory interim care provider until the revocation papers are signed after the 5 day waiting period.  We can visit the baby at the nanny’s house during that time, and once the papers are signed we can take the baby home to Lafayette.  We have to wait until the ICPC paperwork is signed (which takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks) before we can leave the state.  Once that is done, depending on how long it took, we’ll either start home right away or stick around for a couple more days.

In the meantime, I’ve got a couple craft projects I’m working on for baby – attempting to make newborn gowns from old t-shirts and sewing a couple flannel blankets.  Also, if this lovely, warm weather holds out this week (it got up to almost 50 degrees today!), I’m going to be sanding and painting our crib.  A mom from our local WAPF group gave us a beautiful convertible crib – it’s just the tiniest bit worn in spots, but nothing a little work won’t fix.  I just have to pick the perfect yellow to go with the blue/grey walls of the nursery.

Oh, and of course, continue preparations for our next auction – March 10-14th.

So much to do!  At least staying busy is helping the time pass quickly.



8 thoughts on “A little bit of this…a little bit of that…

  1. We met your sweet sister today when she brought the fabulous cheesecake. She stayed and visited a while and was gracious enough to ooh and aah over our baby girl!! hahaha

    Not much time left now! Getting excited with you as I know exactly how you feel. Babies R Us was overwhelming to me, too; I didn’t know where to start. Essentials for us in the early days were the boppy pillow, onesies, footed pajamas (the gowns just bunched up), burp cloths, swaddle blankets, the bouncy seat, and the swing. SOOOO fun and exciting!

    God bless, and again, it was nice to meet your sister and have another connection to you even though we’ve never met. Praying for you guys!

    • I just reread my comment and realized how rude I sounded about the gowns!! Let me clarify…our baby had heart surgery when she was four days old, and the gowns bunched up around her incision site. The footed pj’s were easier for us because of that. I’m sure the gowns you are making will be absolutely perfect for your little one!

      • No worries Stacey! I don’t know that my sewing skills are good enough for “perfect”, haha, but they’re fun to make!

  2. It’s ALL GOOD NEWS! The baby gowns are so sweet for a newborn! I remember Grandma Miller would take the drawstring on the end and close the end of the gown by winding the string tightly. This would keep the feet from poking out. I don’t know if there are even gowns with drawstrings anymore:(… We’re praying all goes well. Thanks for the update!

    • You know, they’re all made with elastic bottoms now, but since I’m making them myself I wonder if a (short, of course) drawstring would be better? I remember all of our gowns had drawstrings. They’re supposed to be a safety hazard now…but all 6 of us turned out okay :).

  3. Sarah- this is so exciting! Not much time left at all! I am going to work on those colors today… I promise :). Plus- me and mom were ooohing and aaahing over all sorts of tree wall decals for nurseries this weekend. So… if you have a definite one you love, you may want to give her a heads up. I’m not sure she’ll be able to hold out for long; she was really loving some of them :).
    I’ll talk to you soon! Love you! em

    ps… I almost didn’t recognize Chris the first time I saw that picture from Florida with a full beard. haha

  4. I’m trying to hold out until the baby is born…on the tree decal and clothes, etc. Unless I buy white….I love little ones in white. One of my favorite baby gowns was white with light yellow band at the neck (Carter’s of course). I actually prefer the elastic bottoms to the drawstring…easier to change the baby quickly. Great for those middle of the night changes! The tree decals are precious, Sarah. I had my little Christmas decal this year that I loved, so I can “see” the tree in your nursery. And, when you get tired of it, you just warm it with a hairdryer and take it down! Can’t wait….Love you, Mom

  5. Sarah,

    New babies are just so exciting. Whether it’s your first or your seventh. We’re having so much fun with Audrey she is such a good easy going baby. I love your collage of nursery ideas. Have fun planning for your bundle of joy. We can’t wait to meet him or her.

    With love and prayers that everything goes smoothly
    Aunt Debbie

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