We’re running another auction!

Okay, the month of February completely got away from me!  I was thinking we still had a couple weeks until our next auction, but it’s NEXT WEEK!!!

Oh my.

We did so well in our first auction, raising over $3,000.  There were a lot of people who missed the auction, who were out of town or didn’t realize it was happening until it was over, and we had quite a few people asking us to do another one…so we are!

What’s going to be in this auction?  Well, more ARTWORK, more JEWELRY, more beautiful BABY GIFTS, other handmade items, and collectibles.  Tons of great stuff!

The auction is going to start Friday, March 11th at 9 am ET and run until Monday, March 14th at 6 pm ET.  Yep, you get two whole extra days to bid on items this time!

Please, tell your friends and family!  I’ll be sending out an email announcement as well as posting on Facebook, and would love if everyone could spread the word :).

And, if you’d like to donate an item to be auctioned off, please let me know.

We’re so close – only $6,000 left to raise before the baby is born!

(To check out our previous auction, click here)

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