I couldn’t help myself

Great finds at Target yesterday:

We haven’t been buying any baby stuff yet.  We’re trying to show some restraint, knowing we can get whatever we need once we’re in Louisiana, but I saw these cute (gender-neutral, of course) onesies and had to pick them up!

Our baby is going to love The Beatles as much as mama and daddy do :).  And every kid has to have a Star Wars tee!

Don’t forget about our auction next weekend.  Stay posted for more info – I’ll be posting previews of the items just like last time.

7 thoughts on “I couldn’t help myself

  1. Love it! Although you may want to have a matching bow or something if it turns out to be a girl….hmmm…I think I know someone who can do that 🙂 I’m glad you bought something. It does help to make it feel a little more real and imminent! Sending more pix today. I keep on finishing projects at night, when there’s no good light to photograph. 🙂

  2. awww… they’re so cute! I totally agree… girl or boy… every baby needs to love star wars and the beatles!!!

  3. Hi Sarah! Please have someone contact me about the blanket that I bought in your last auction. No one has emailed me as of yet.
    Oh, and I sent you 40 instead of the 30…just a little extra for you guys for the new baby!
    Peace and Love,

  4. Toooooo cute! I remember saving green stamps from Winn Dixie and getting a bassinet and a white with yellow daisies cover for the bassinet. That was my first “purchase” and it definitely made it seem real to me. I also bought white and yellow Humpty Dumpty socks…I loved those little socks because they stayed on through everything!

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