Auction results; announcing the winners

We raised $1,963!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!  We really appreciate your help in raising money for our adoption, and are very grateful for your generosity.

Thanks especially to everyone who donated the beautiful items for this auction.  I have been blessed with a very talented and generous group of family and friends, and they put so much time and effort into making this whole fundraiser possible!

Thanks as well for the prayers and good wishes you’ve been sending our way.  It’s been a hectic couple of months, and I can only imagine it’s going to get even crazier as we get closer to the baby’s due date…which, if you haven’t been keeping track, is only 31 days away!  Which means I’m flying home in 24 days!  Wow, that’s coming up fast!

So again, a big THANK YOU!!!!!!

Love, Sarah & Christian


Alright, now to our winners.  If you had the winning bid, you should expect to see an email from me soon with instructions on where to send your payment.

Bubble Time burp cloth set – Mrs A.
Cher bebe burp cloth set – Rhiannon
LOVED burp cloth set – Mare
Mod Blocks burp cloth set – Mare
Blast Off! burp cloth set – Suzy
Fuschia Flowers Bib and Large Wet Bag – Wheelbarrow Rider
Happy Day Bib set – Rhiannon
A Week’s Worth of Fun Hair Bows – Ana
Flower Garden Hair Clips – Rhiannon
Southern Belle Baby Bracelet – SurlyMama
Pick a Flower Apron – Jenna Rowe
Little Superhero Onesie, Size 6 mo – Karey
Little Superhero Onesie, Size 12 mo – Mary
Personalized Superhero Cape – Patricia M.
A Heart for Adoption – Jolene H.
Peruvian Opal and Amethyst Necklace – Kelli
Antique Silver Pendant Necklace – Jennifer Allain
Murano Glass Pendant Necklace – Vepka
Spring Green Necklace – Ashley
Shell Summer Earring Set – Michelle Sutera
Victorian Dangles – Michele Gilbert
Glam Girl Earrings – JoAnna
Red Satin Round and Round Earrings – Ann
Black and Blue and Sparkly Earrings – Michele Gilbert
Vintage Japanese Glass Bracelet – Beth Suse
First Sign of Spring Necklace – Julie Fox
Fling Print – Elle Kay
Spore Print – Alison
Red Hot Butterfly Drawing – Liana
The Fish Drawing – Michelle McDonnell
Star Decoration – Allyson
Red Scarf – Gretchen Richarson
Teal Scarf – Nichole Dechent
Long Teal Scarf – Emily
Light Baby Blanket & Matching Mommy Scarf – Beth Leary
GOOD MEAT cookbook – Alicia
GOOD to the GRAIN cookbook – Mary Pipan
Tom Fitzmorris’ NEW ORLEANS FOOD cookbook – Alicia
Alligator Skin Ball Mask – Denise
Pecan Pies (2) – Denise
Pecan Pies (2) – Diana Gotte
Cheesecake – Diana Gotte
Ladies’ Silver/White Mink Coat – Jennifer Allain

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