Vintage nursery

I opened a box in the mail from Katie yesterday, and found these adorable vintage items:

A beautiful mobile with handpainted wooden figures:

A crib activity center – the SAME EXACT one we had in our cribs as babies!

I love them both.  So cute!!!

I still haven’t finished painting the crib – I’ve got one coat of paint on one side so far.  We have a high of 65 today and it’s supposed to be sunny, so I’m hoping to get some more work done on it.  I’d love to finish it up this weekend and get it up in the nursery.

Also, I have a gift card to IKEA that I’ve been hanging onto for a while now.  I think I’m going to use it for this shelf/bin organizer for the nursery.

First, you pick out a frame (they have two different heights available): Then, you pick out whether you want shelves: Or bins like this: or this: (or both) And VOILA!  You have something like this:

I’ll probably go with some combination of shelves, small and medium bins.  I don’t think we’ll need any giant bins until the kiddo gets bigger and gets more toys and stuffed animals :).

Also in the works, is a sewing project for me and my mom.  I bought this vintage popcorn chenille bedspread for $25 on ebay yesterday:

We’re going to turn it into a crib bumper and skirt!  And possibly a toddler-bed-sized quilt or a couple pillows, if there’s enough fabric left.

Fun stuff!

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