We’ve been passing the time waiting (nope, baby isn’t here yet) by working on our sewing projects, one of which is a toddler bed-sized quilt.

We used the leftover popcorn chenille from the crib bumpers (haven’t finished those yet – still need to do the bias trim, so I don’t have pictures), green linen, yellow chenille, red minky, and striped seersucker fabrics for the quilt (and a white flannel in the corners):

I LOVE the way it came out!

It’s just so soft and perfect for cuddling!  I love all the different textures and colors, too.  The whole color scheme actually came from a combination of the crib and the pictures from Katie that I framed for the nursery.  It’s gender-neutral, too!

As far as baby news goes, we really haven’t gotten any, but I keep hearing that full moons are good for helping labor get started, and today just happens to be a full moon…so…I’m hoping that we get a call later today :).  Chris finishes his last exam/presentation for school on Tuesday, so he’ll be free to drive down after that.  It would be perfect timing for him to make it here by next weekend!

2 thoughts on “Quilting

  1. Great work! Don’t forget to call me too when you hear something. Or email….whatever is easier. Time difference doesn’t matter either. Consider it your “call any time” free card.

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