Nursery pictures (mostly) done

I love how they turned out!  I haven’t finished the third one yet, because I accidentally messed up one of the papers, so I’ll have to make another trip to Hobby Lobby for another sheet of the yellow.

I ended up buying the frames from Art to Frames on Amazon.  They were reeeaaally cheap, and great quality – I love how they look :).

I’m definitely going to ask Chris to hang them for me.  Getting all three pictures in a row, perfectly straight and spaced right is right up his alley.

This one was something I found at one of the antique malls in Missouri, and I framed it in the same way as the others:

2 thoughts on “Nursery pictures (mostly) done

  1. awww… Sarah, I love them!!! Those came out so well! I really like that little prayer too… brings back memories 🙂

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