Loving his aunt and uncle

Isaac has really enjoyed Uncle Ben and Aunt Rachel’s visit!  He lights up whenever they’re nearby, and is always ready with a big smile for them.  Plus, they’ve been a huge help to me – helping with dishes, cooking dinner, keeping the baby happy while I take showers or do laundry.  It’s wonderful!

Big smiles for Uncle Ben

Happy to be held

Helping Aunt Rachel wake up


Isaac loves playing with his new activity mat…which activities at the moment consist of staring at the flashy-lights on the sun and the faces of kittens and puppies on little discs.



Fun stuff :).

4 thoughts on “Loving his aunt and uncle

  1. Look at him in his spiffy little Beatles onesie 🙂 These pictures are so cute… wish I could be there. Give him a kiss for me!

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