fancy duds and saying goodbye to Uncle Ben

Isaac is wearing a vintage little blue bubble suit (I think that’s what it’s called), given to him by Mimi.  Isn’t he handsome in his fancy clothes?

See how well he stands?  Isaac has some veeerrrry strong legs.  He’s constantly pushing up to stand anytime his feet hit a solid surface.  It’s his favorite thing to do right now :).

Another favorite activity is “flying” with Uncle Ben!

When he needs some down time, though, the best place to be is cuddled up close to Mama in his sling:

Hanging with Uncle Ben:

We already miss Ben :(.  He left this morning, and I was so sad driving him to the airport.  Isaac is really going to miss him, too. It’s been so nice having him around, and Isaac loves his uncle so much.  Hopefully he’ll be able to come back again soon!

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