6 months old!

This post is a couple weeks overdue, but better late than never, right?

Dear Isaac,

When you turned four months old, I thought, Now this, THIS is the most fun ever!  You were charming, smiling and bubbly, starting to play with toys, and interacting in a new way with the world around you.  But then you hit 6 months.  And my goodness, you are a whole new bundle of fun!

You are sitting up…by yourself!  For a few days, you wobbled.  Then you got the hang of it, and now Mama can leave you sitting on the rug surrounded by toys, while I do the dishes or put on a load of laundry.  And oh, your toys!  You can pass things from hand to hand now, or hold two things at once.  You love playing with your squishy blocks, your new Moose toy, and your puzzle that makes animal sounds when you put the pieces in.  You still have a hard time grabbing the pegs, but you get so excited at the sounds.  And when Mama chimes in and moos or quacks, you get the giggles :).  In fact, pretty much any animal sound will send you into giggling fits.  That, and sneezing, clapping, and any other random noises amuse you mightily.  Oh, and even just sticking out my tongue at you will bring a smile.  You are just the happiest, cheeriest baby and I love hearing you laugh.

You love talking…a lot!  Your favorite string of sounds is Dadadadada.  You love talking back, and get especially excited to hear another voice on the phone.  When Mimi talks on speaker phone, your eyes get real big and you smile and usually give a squeak or two in response.  Your favorite times to babble though are first thing in the morning after waking, and right after eating.  You will lay there and speak so sweetly to me, it just makes my heart want to burst.

You had your first solids this month!  You were just short of 6 months, when you persisted in sticking your whole hand in my bowl of butternut squash soup.  I grabbed a spoon and gave you a taste, and you loved it.  You didn’t spit it out, and you reached for the spoon asking for more.  You also got a taste of our farm butter, which you loved of course.  And lately, you’ve started eating about a third to one half of an egg yolk in the evening for supper.  You find the whole eating thing highly amusing, and love to blow raspberries while your mouth is full, sending yellow goop spraying out everywhere.  Daddy finds it gross, but I think it’s funny :).

You also used a sippy cup for the first time!  You absolutely love it, and took to it immediately.  You figured it out right away and started sucking away at the cup of water.  At first you’ll drink, then you like to fill up your mouth and let it all pour out at once.  You end up soaked, but happy :).

I was a bit sad when you finally graduated from your baby tub to the big tub.  No more baths in the kitchen!  When most of the water ended up on the kitchen floor, and you filled the entire bathtub, we knew it was time.  Now, you sit up like a big boy and splash.  You have a few animal bath toys, but your favorite is still the washcloth and the cup.  You could stay in the bath all night, you love it so much.

You weighed just around 18 lbs at the 6 month mark, but you’re growing so fast you’re already halfway to 19 lbs now!  You’re in 9 month clothing now!  Although your legs are short enough to fit 6 month, they’re beefy enough to need the extra room in the 9 month size.  My you have some meaty thighs!  And chunky butt :).  I just love the rolls you’ve been putting on around your wrists, and how fat your feet are.

You are just so interested in the world around you now.  You’ll lunge for anything that comes near you.  Uncle Ben loves holding you near the step chest – you grab the rings on the drawers and pull them out and he pushes them back in for you.  You especially love reaching for paper.  When Daddy tries to study while he holds you, you fight him to turn the pages before he’s ready :).  Your favorite thing at most restaurants is the paper table cover or placemat.

You’ve been napping better lately, but you still keep Mama up all night.  Maybe one day you’ll give me a break and sleep through the night!  Maybe at 7 months ;).

You are an absolute joy, and your Daddy and I are so in love with you.  I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!



5 thoughts on “6 months old!

  1. I love seeing how he grows and changes. Thanks for keeping us all updated. He seems like such a happy guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of him where he’s not got a huge grin on his face. He is adorable, and it’s obvious that he picked the right mama and daddy.


  2. Sarah, he is precious. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories. It is heartwarming to read and I am so happy for you and Chris. That is one lucky little baby!

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