pumpkin fun

We always visit the pumpkin patch every year, but this year we had a little munchkin in tow.  We stopped by our local farm, but it was a rather disappointing setup as the pumpkins had to be pulled out of the fields early from all the rain, and they were sitting on pallets in a parking lot instead.  Not exactly the fun farm feel we were going for in our pictures, but we managed to get a few cute ones of the little guy anyway.  It was a very sunny, very windy day!

Before we carved up our pumpkins, Aunt Rachel set up a little photo shoot with Isaac outside on the back deck.

Let the carving commence!

Ben carved a fleur-de-lis:

Rachel carved this:And what is that, you ask?

Why, a pumpkin perfect for a baby :).

And that’s the closest we got to a smile.  Poor little guy was not thrilled with being stuffed into a pumpkin.  Eddie tried to console him.

And that’s what I think about that, Mama!

Don’t worry, the whole thing lasted about 2 minutes, although it felt longer to me…and him, I’m sure.  Luckily it was nice and warm that day!

Coming soon…Halloween pics.

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