lately (in pictures)

Someone was digging in my veggie basket the other day, stealing an onion and a beet to cook in his little kitchen.  Seriously, this boy is going to end up a chef.  I caught him today, dragging a chair over to the (big) stove with his little frying pan, looking like he was about to do some real cooking!  Good thing our stove controls are on the back wall, out of reach.  For now, anyway.

20130826 023

He can cook bacon, crack eggs into a bowl and scramble them all by himself.  He’s going to be cooking me breakfast by his 3rd birthday ;) .  I’m so lucky to have a kid that loves spending time in the kitchen!  Seriously, with my crazy diet restrictions, I cook three meals a day from scratch, and make a lot of other stuff on top of that (baked goods, kombucha, etc), so we do end up in the kitchen a large part of the day.

The only thing he loves more than cooking is spending time outside.  This weekend we took a walk around a local pond, and he loved catching minnows in his bug net, throwing rocks into the water with Daddy, and hiking in the woods.

20130826 049 20130826 062 20130826 069 20130826 075 20130826 080 20130826 108 20130826 111 20130826 129 20130826 135 20130826 137 20130826 157 20130826 182 20130826 185 20130826 196 20130826 198

2 thoughts on “lately (in pictures)

  1. I love this post! I love seeing him run around and playing outside… he’s such a little adventurer 🙂 That picture of him chasing the rabbit is priceless too! That looks like a really neat place to visit.

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