Funny things he says (and Grand Prix!)

There might have been a developmental component to explain Isaac’s trouble sleeping lately.  He’s been sleeping pretty well for the last three days (*fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx us*), and all of a sudden his language skills have just exploded again.

He’s started saying “Look Mommy” or Look Daddy” before things now:

Walking through our local home improvement store the other day, he spotted a gaudy Halloween garland, all shiny and black with smiling pumpkins:  “Look Mommy, orange pumpkins!”  

and almost every day now “Oh look Mommy, a big spiderweb!” (I’ve never noticed how many spiders we have around our deck and yard!)

Today in B-more, “Daddy look, a helicopter way up in the sky!”.

And he says things like, “I ate all the watermelon, Mommy!”  He’s still speaking in the 3rd person about 75% of the time, but certain phrases he’ll throw in “I” instead.

He met all sorts of cool people today – policemen and firemen especially.  A group of firemen were hanging out between two of the trucks and Isaac went up to say hi and shake their hands (he loves shaking hands and takes it very seriously!).  The chief offered him a chance to sit up in the truck, so I lifted him up into the seat.  He started shrieking and told me “Truck too big mommy, Daddy sit up here with you?”.  Daddy climbed up with him and he turned to the chief and said, “need the keys!”.  Ha.

Leaving the parking garage in B-more this evening, I was offering him a few snacks from his lunchbox (that he packs himself every time we leave the house).  He told me, “Like some date balls please.  Turn the music on, Daddy.”  Chris was like, okay dude, hold your horses, the radio doesn’t even work in the garage, haha.  A few minutes later, he decided he didn’t like the song we were listening to on the radio and asked me for the “cymbal song”.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what song he was referring to off the top of my head, so I turned on his jazz for kids cd and started flipping through the songs.  He was telling me, “It’s not that one.  No, it’s not that one.  NO MOMMY IT’S NOT THAT ONE!” until I got to either the correct song or one he liked well enough to forget that we were looking for a particular one.

And tonight, he was exhausted from our long afternoon out in the heat (we went to the Grand Prix) and was waiting for me to take him upstairs for bedtime.  Chris asked him, “Do you want your orange medicine?” (melatonin in an orange bottle) and Isaac replied in the most sad-sack, pitiful voice, “I don’t caaaaaare.”  HAHAHAHAHA.

Oh Lordy, he cracks me up so much.

Here are the only pics I managed from today, since my phone died as soon as we arrived:



Remember Isaac’s first Grand Prix?


gp2 gp3


Man he’s huge now.

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